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Classical Acupuncture is a return to the origins of Chinese Medicine. Reflecting the medicine as it was practiced during the height of its development in the centuries spanning 206 BCE - 220 CE and 960 - 1279. Based entirely on the Classical Medical literature, as interpreted by some of the medicine's great masters.

Classical Acupuncture is a sophisticated system utilizing 68 Channels capable of targeting the very specific physiology necessary for restoring balance. And therefore it is capable of both treating a wide range of conditions and supporting optimal health, as growth and decline naturally unfold. These 68 Channels include the 12 Primary Channels and the remaining are known as Complement Channels. The Complement Channels being key to a practice of Classical Acupuncture. Traversing the body: bone to skin, and the soul: earth to cosmos, Complement Channels embrace the medicine's highly spiritual and ritualistic elements, delivering dramatically effective treatments. There is a lens for viewing everything within the human condition. Classical Acupuncture is a medicine that serves to remind us all of our gifts.