I had framed coming into the series of sessions, “The 9 Steps to Redemption”, with Rebecca as a responsible way to manage my grieving process throughout the dissolution of a long-term relationship.  What I quickly realized instead, is that I had finally found the fortuitous environment I needed to begin the work to heal the subtle stress of a much deeper disconnect with my heart.   Every acupuncture session was an incredible experience, with physical openings and visionary connections that I never imagined were possible.  Our conversations always pushed me into insightful new territory, and were also just really fun! Thanks in large part to this work, I’ve begun to open into a life in which I can translate sensations in my body into confident, embodied expression.  I'm so grateful to Rebecca and this medicine for helping open this path for me, and highly recommend working with her. - Lauren C.

Rebecca works from a deep spiritual place, and through her discipline and clarity creates space for true transformation. She and The Nine Steps to Redemption have helped me to shift my most subtle, ingrained, and pervasive behaviors— always with joy and divine resonance. Most remarkably, she manages to channel wild creativity, while holding to and honoring ancient protocol. She is a profoundly gifted healer.  - Kat H.


Working with Rebecca, has made a very significant impact on my life in a very short time. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for about a year and during that time, I was trying a few different approaches (mainly changing my diet and seeing another incredible, holistic practitioner.) I decided to try acupuncture after attending one of Rebecca’s new moon circles. I really resonated with her as a person and what she brought forth in that circle. Going into my first treatment, I did have the intention of wanting to conceive but also with interest about acupuncture as a healing modality and how it may benefit my overall health and well being. Our session not only addressed my physical health, but offered a true holistic approach that took into account my spiritual and mental well being. Instances in my life that I mentioned that did not seem significant or related were illuminated. It gave me incredible insight into myself and areas where I may be blocked or need attention. After my first treatment with Rebecca, I got pregnant. I am incredibly grateful for Rebecca helping me manifest this desire to have another child. She is very attentive, caring, gentle, knowledgable and supportive and I would highly recommend working with her with or without a specific intention or ailment. I look forward to continued treatment with Rebecca and have so much trust, respect and confidence in her as a practitioner.  - RT


Working with Rebecca was nothing short of amazing.  Her methods are very gentle and access deep points and states within the body that have tremendously affected my energy and my connection to myself on deeper levels.  Working with her has given me more understanding of my greater wholeness, of my life's purpose, and of a deeper focus toward the subtleties and mysteries that make up life.  She is a great listener and her care for her clients is easy to see and feel.  She also taught me a good deal about acupuncture and empowered me as a client to go deeper into my own learning.  -Abby G.


I am grateful for Rebecca and her work. During my first visit she spent a considerable amount of time with me.  We talked about any current issues plus anything from my past. She made me feel completely comfortable.  Everything that she has worked on has responded so well.  I am amazed.  She is very gentle and thorough.  Thank you Rebecca!  - Sharon H.


I have had the good fortune of having Rebecca work on me, and after just one treatment, my symptom of debilitating pain in my finger was completely gone, never to return! Since then I have had several treatments and am so grateful to have her in the area. She is a true healer and extremely intuitive. She takes great care in discovering what is going on in your body and what treatment is best for you at the time. She is serious, yet has a wonderful sense of humor. She is extremely empathetic and has given me many pain free treatments where I can feel the energy opening up throughout my body.  It’s always a great joy and an intense healing experience to work with Rebecca on this level. Highly recommended!  Teri R.


I can’t rave enough about Rebecca, and I surely can’t thank her enough for the warmth, guidance, support and progress that I made under her care. She is a very talented, patient and compassionate healer.  She listens deeply, and pours graceful, yet powerful intentions into her treatments. She also, somehow, got me to allow her to needle a certain point that I deemed “off limits” to all who treated me before her (and there were many). She was the first to completely earn my trust.   

My journey of healing with Rebecca was so swift that I didn’t even notice the progress. Then, a day came when I realized that all of the things that were paining me in the beginning were no longer there. I almost doubted that I was ever significantly affected by them in the first place until I revisited my history. When I first started working with Rebecca, I was dealing with crippling fear, low self-worth and deep emotional pains from my youth. And at treatment’s end, I found myself completely liberated and inspired-- in a position of power, of confidence, with an open heart, and an agenda to follow my bliss.

Most of my transformation took place during a series of treatments called the “Nine Steps to Redemption.” After completing the series, I, without hesitation, committed to big changes and took risks that have lead to personal triumphs, greater purpose and happiness. I owe it all to her! I am eternally grateful for having met Rebecca, and I thank my lucky stars for having had the opportunity to work with her.  Lisa A. 


When I first started acupuncture treatments with Rebecca, I was worried that she wouldn't understand the emotional aspects of my back and hip pain, which was very important to me.  On the contrary, she was genuinely empathetic and took a great deal of time and care to understand my symptoms and to put them in a holistic context.  She explained all her clinical decisions and put my anxiety to rest.  She is warm, patient and very thorough, and her treatments afforded me tremendous relief.  I miss her here in NYC but Kingston is getting a gem!   Karen S.


I was drawn to acupuncture because injections were wearing thin for my stage 3/4 osteoarthritis in the knees. After a few months of some help from assorted acupuncturists, I started to see Rebecca regularly and have been with her almost a year.

I thought it wouldn't again be possible to walk briskly or fly down stairs but that is in fact what has happened under Rebecca's care and then some. The knees are so much better. Over time we have also addressed insomnia, edema, cancer, mood, food, and pain with varying degrees of success.

Other practitioners have inadvertently shown me what's so great about Rebecca. She works with you, not on you. There is constant communication, verbal and otherwise, about the matter at hand, and she steps back to look at the whole person, not just the complaint you yammered on about during intake. Her needles don't hurt. Sometimes I don't realize it's already inserted. This is not a universal skill, in my experience.  

And she is lovely--caring, compassionate, with a good sense of humor. I hope you enjoy her treatments as much as I have.  Nancy P. 


When I was 6 I developed juvenile diabetes. One month after, I developed painful neuropathy which with time affect my leg muscle.All my life I follow up with traditional care physicians to manage painful neuropathy and muscle damage of my legs. I tried almost all medication available on the market without any improvement. Two years ago I was searching information about alternative medicine and management of neuropathy. A friend advised me to try acupuncture at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC. This is how I met Rebecca Steele. She is knowledgeable, caring, smart and responsive. She takes whatever time is necessary to listen and respond and makes you feel as if you are her only patient that day. Her follow-up is excellent and, if you need to reach her she is accessible. I was coming for acupuncture for about a month, my pain level subsided. I still have pain and it will never disappear, but I don’t use anymore medication to control neuropathic sensation or muscle spasm  

Alternative medicine is an excellent choice to manage any chronic condition.  - Eugene K.